White Oak |
aka: eastern white oak, stave oak, ridge white oak, cucharillo, encino, and roble. Grows in United States and Canada. Wood marketed as white oak may contain other white oak species but Quercus alba is primary species. 

Appearance : Straight grained with a medium-coarse to coarse texture. Light tannish heartwood with narrow, nearly white sapwood. 

Physical Props: Heavy, hard and strong with outstanding wear-resistance. Moderate stability in use. Steam-bends very well. Very durable heartwood - ideal for casks and barrels. 

Working Props: Machines similarly to red oak but has greater tendency to chip and splinter. Turns well. Difficult to work by hand. Nails and screws satisfactorily although pre-drilling recommended. Glues satisfactorily. Stains and finishes well with no need to fill pores for smoothness. Contact with metal results in dark staining. 

Uses:  Uses include outdoor furniture, boats, cooperage, flooring, interior furniture - especially chairs and tables, turnery, baskets, trim, millwork, and veneers.