American Beech

Beech| aka: red beech, white beech, stone beech, and winter beech. Growth: Canada and United States. 

Appearance: Straight or sometimes interlocked grain with a fine, even texture. Dark to light reddish brown heartwood and very thin, nearly white sapwood. 

Physical Props: Hard, heavy, strong, stiff and shock resistant. Poor dimensional stability and decay resistance. 

Working Props: Machines well but can be difficult to work by hand. Tends to split - pre-drilling recommended for screws and nails. Finishes and steam-bends well. 

Uses: Does not impart taste or odor to food: ideal for food containers, baskets, utensils, and bread/butcher boards. Also used for chairs, handles, flooring, turned articles, clothes pins, workbench tops, tool handles, novelties, and interior furniture.