| aka: white walnut, oilnut, tropical walnut, nogal blanco, and tocte. Growth: United States and Canada.

Appearance: Straight grained and coarse-textured with a satiny luster. Light brown heartwood with occasional darker streaks and nearly white sapwood.

Physical Props: Soft, moderately light, with low strength, stiffness, shock resistance and decay resistance. Quite stable in service.

Working Props: Works well with machine or hand tools but softness necessitates sharp cutting edges. Screws, nails, glues, stains, and finishes quite well.

Uses: An excellent carving wood, once highly valued for church altars. Used for furniture, cabinets, paneling, interior trim, veneer, boat building, boxes and crates, instrument cases, trunks, and millwork.

Comments: Resembles black walnut when stained but lacks its strength or stiffness.