Soft Maple | aka: Red Maple, Silver Maple, Alder or Box Elder
Charcoal often made from soft maple.
Growth: Eastern US. Grows 60-80' ft tall.

Uses: Millwork, paneling, cabinets, furniture, doors, mouldings, flooring, butcher blocks, handrails. Often used as substitute for hard maple or beech and stained to resemble other species like cherry.

Mechanical Properties: 25% less hard than hard maple. Medium bending and shock resistant.

Description: Sapwood grayish white with darker color pith flecks and heartwood is reddish brown and straight grain.

Working Properties: Machines well. Glues, screws and nails ok.

Finishing: Good for enamel or staining in some brown tones. Accepts both water and oil based products well.