Circle Sawn

CircCircle Sawn®
Plank Flooring & Paneling

Aitkin hardwoods offers an authentic and classic rustic look using Circle Sawn lumber from both local and regional sawmills.

Available in Pine and Oak. Please call for special custom projects!

Hit and Miss

Most circle sawn products are seldom used in their full rough sawn state. Usually the material is lightly surfaced or “skip planed” to level off the high spots and accentuate the saw marks.

We refer to this as “Hit and Miss”. The customer can specify the percentage of Hit and Miss as desired. This will vary from a “Light Hit and Miss”, a “50/50 Hit and Miss”, a “70/30 Hit and Miss”, or a “Heavy Hit and Miss” where only a few random saw marks remain.

You can order how deep you want the “HITS” on the Circle Sawn, as shown below.

The materials are processed into flooring, solid wood paneling and millwork options customized to meet your individual project requirements.

The classic look will add charm and personality to your home or office!

Stop in to our showroom today and see for yourself what we can do for you! Click on any image below to view and start a slideshow.

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