Lumber – Wood Species

These are the trees that lose their leaves in the fall (deciduous). Among an abundant variety, only 200 are plentiful and pliable enough for woodworking. Much like our skin, hardwoods have microscopic pores on the surface. The size of these pores determines the grain pattern and texture.

Softwoods come from “evergreen” trees (coniferous). The most popular softwoods are cedar, fir, pine and spruce.

Click on a species below for more information. Each type of wood has unique characteristics. The photos may not reflect the different grades or finishes available from Aitkin Hardwoods.

Alder Aspen Black Ash White Ash Basswood
Beech Birch-White Birch-Yellow Butternut Cedar
Red Cedar Cherry Douglas Fir Hard Maple Hickory
Soft Maple Pine Poplar Red Oak White Oak

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